3 Ideas for Finding Storage Space in a Tiny Kitchen

Living in a home with a tiny kitchen can be frustrating. After all, you still need to prepare dinner for your family, make coffee, and occasionally cook something special, and it’s difficult to do so when it seems like you just never have space. If you’re struggling with the size of your kitchen, but are otherwise happy with your home, it may be time to consider some storage alternatives. 

Hang Everything That You Can

Many small kitchens are lacking in cabinet and storage space, simply because of their size. If you find that this is the case in your kitchen, consider hanging as many items as you can. A hanging knife rack above the stove may eliminate the need for a knife block. A hanging pot rack can limit the number of cabinets you’ll need to devote to storing cookware. Using S hooks to hang items from shelves can reduce the amount of drawer space that’s necessary. As you continue to creatively hang items throughout your kitchen, you may find that you’re pleasantly surprised at the amount of space you create. 

Consider a Fold Down Table

You may not have room to dedicate to a permanent kitchen table and chairs, or at least not one of the sizes that you’d like. If this is the case in your home, it may be time to consider a smaller table that folds. These models take up substantially less room and can be expanded when you need the tablespace for sitting and eating, then folded down when you need the floor space for walking. They’re great for tiny kitchens and apartment dining rooms, creating additional floor space where it’s needed the most. 

Install a Pegboard

If you have numerous small or oddly shaped items that you’re struggling to store, but not enough cabinet or drawer space to put them in, it may be time to consider installing a pegboard. These utilitarian tools can be dressed up with paint and trim to look right at home in the kitchen, creating space for baker’s tools and spoons with ease. If you’re simply out of space and need to look into hanging things on the wall, a pegboard is a fast and easy way to make this happen. 

If you’re frustrated with the storage in your kitchen, it may be time to reach out to a skilled consultant like More Space Place Jacksonville. These talented professionals can evaluate your space, then help you find the storage solutions that you need so that you can use the space productively again.

Photo Credit: © Uuoott