3 Organization Tips for Your Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen pantries can be a nuisance to declutter, especially if you have a large family and cook often. However, in order to preserve your food and get through products before they expire, some easy organization tips can go a long way towards promoting pantry order. Continue reading to learn of our expert advice from More Space Place Jacksonville about making your pantry more organized and functional.

Custom kitchen pantry Organization Jacksonville

Airtight Storage

Pantry products are often the most difficult to organize. Due to their long shelf life, they can often get contaminated with pesky pantry moths if products are not contained properly. To prevent this, move dry ingredients, such as flour, rice, sugar, and cereal; into plastic or glass jars with airtight lids. To further organize these products by item type, create different stations dedicated to specific meals or activities. An example of this could be making individual stations dedicated to breakfast, baking, and even specialty items.

Custom Kitchen Pantry Organization Jacksonville

Chalkboard Doors

Installing doors made of chalkboard is a unique design detail that offers increased functionality. These resourceful pantry doors can be used to list needed grocery items, leave reminders for family members, and even have notes on which pantry items need to be used up soon if you are trying to encourage those around you to reduce food waste.

Spice Racks

More Space Place can install metal racks into your pantry walls, which is a beneficial organization method when storing your spices. These racks feature open visibility, meaning they are easy to navigate because you are able to see all labels or jars. A spice rack will ensure that you know what your collection is lacking or if you need to pick up a different spice for a last-minute recipe. You will also be able to quickly tell when you are running low on an ingredient and need to restock it.

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