3 Reasons to Choose a Custom In-Closet Home Office

in-closet custom home office JacksonvilleIf you want a home office but you can’t figure out where to put it, here’s an idea: let the team at More Space Place in Jacksonville design a custom office in your closet! The idea might sound a little odd, but the truth is that these compact offices save space, look great, and function just as well as any other workspace.

Read on to learn three reasons why Jacksonville homeowners choose custom in-closet offices!

Use It When You Need It, Hide It When You Don’t

One of the main advantages of having an in-closet office is that you can simply “put it away” when you’re not using it. It’s easy to design an in-closet office with curtains or doors that slide or fold out of the way when you’re ready to sit down and get to work. Then when you’re finished, you can close the doors and the room returns to its normal look. Of course, many people also choose to leave their closets on display. After all, you may as well show off your ingenuity when it comes to conserving space!

in-closet custom home office Jacksonville

No Space Is Too Small

You don’t need a big closet to pull off an in-closet office: a tiny guest closet or even a small pantry can work if you have the help of a professional design team (that’s where we come in). You know that one awkwardly shaped corner of the house that’s too weird for a bookshelf or any other furniture? We can work with that! And with a few small touches like strategic lighting and custom shelving, it’s easy to make your in-closet office feel cozy rather than cramped.

Customized Storage Solutions

The most important part of making an in-closet office work is having shelves, drawers, and cabinets that are customized for your space. The one–size-fits-all approach to office design simply doesn’t fit at all when you’re working with non-traditional spaces – so let us take the measurements and come up with tailored solutions for your workflow.

Transform Your Closet

Want to create a cozy office nook for your home? We offer free, in-home consultations, and we’ll help you find a customized solution that fits your space and budget. Contact the closet and storage experts at More Space Place in Jacksonville to begin your next project!