4 Spring Cleaning Tips to Consider

Spring cleaning to do listOnce the cold weather finally starts to leave, it can feel like the perfect time to clear out the house and finally get organized. With these spring cleaning tips, you will banish the clutter and head into summer on top of everything.

1. Make a Plan

Many a household project is ruined from the start by a failure to plan. Start out by thinking of what you want to get done. Set a schedule in which you would like to have it finished. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time, because deep cleaning and decluttering often takes longer than people expect. If you need special tools or materials to finish the project, include them in your plan. This will help you to know exactly where you’re going right from the beginning.

2. Start Small

Plenty of people try to tackle too many cleaning projects at once, then they get overwhelmed and give up. You don’t want this to happen to you, because an organization project that stopped halfway through might actually be worse than where you started. Pick a simple project to begin, and make sure you get it done before you move to another area. With this accomplishment under your belt, you will have more determination to keep going on the next steps.

3. Minimize Disruptions

If every spring cleaning task was something you could easily do in an hour or two, no one would ever have trouble keeping organized. The truth is that the kind of serious clearing out that people like to do in the spring can take over your life for days or even weeks. Consider moving clutter out of the heavy traffic areas in your home, especially the kitchen and dining room table. This will help you to minimize the disruption in your daily life as you work.

Custom organization furniture Jacksonville4. Clean up as You Go

It can be tempting to save all the cleaning for the end, but this could create more messes than you might think. Before you begin, make sure you have boxes or bins to put:

  • garbage
  • items to sell or give away
  • donation piles
  • items to keep and reorganize

Managing clutter is the key, and a place for everything makes an easy solution. With a custom organization solution from the experts here at More Space Place can transform the efficiency of your home. Allow us to design the perfect closet storage system for you to neatly tuck away off-season items and make room for the activities you enjoy most.

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Photo credit: © eamesbot