4 Signs You Need a Garage Storage Solution

Messy garage

It’s easy to turn your garage into a dumping ground. It’s that sort of out of sight, out of mind location where you can throw something now and tell yourself that you’ll deal with it later. But since it’s not a living space, it’s easy to let it get out of control. Here are some signs that you’re in need of a garage storage makeover.

  1. You have a two-car garage, but you park both cars in the driveway.

The primary function of a garage is typically storing your vehicles. But we all know how easy it is for the clutter to get parked in the garage and the cars to get pushed out. Get a handle on that mess and let your cars back in from the cold.

  1. You are a DIY kind of person, but your kitchen table has become your workshop.

Getting on top of your to-do list and handling your projects yourself is a great feeling, but not if you lack a proper space to work in. More Space Place Jacksonville can help you create a workspace that will free up you kitchen table for more appropriate activities – like eating!

  1. You were going to do yard work last weekend, but you couldn’t find your tools.

Even simple tasks can take longer than they should when your equipment isn’t organized and readily accessible. If you find that you’re asking yourself where you put your rake last fall, or whether you still own a shovel, consider how much time and energy you’ll save with custom tool boxes and a hanging system.

  1. The kids have started referring to the mess in your garage as “the danger zone.”

Not only is a cluttered and messy garage a hassle for you, it is also a safety hazard for your children. If their bikes and toys are mixed in with the rest of the mess, they may be at risk when they go to play. Make it safer and easier for your whole family to get to what they need in the garage with custom shelving and cabinets from More Space Place Jacksonville.

Garage storage solution in Jacksonville

We know that it’s easy to let your garage get a bit out of hand. We also know how easy it is to have our organization experts design a custom garage storage solution that will reclaim that unruly space. Contact us today for a complimentary in-home design consultation!

Photo Credit: CC0 Public Domain