4 Steps to a Wow-Worthy Closet

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At More Space Place Jacksonville, we talk a lot about the basic systems of closet organization – trimming what you have, creating spaces for what you need, and calling in the professionals when it’s time for a custom closet solution. This month, though, we’re honing in on the extra steps you can take once your closet is functional to take it to the “wow-worthy” next level. Read on to learn what four closet tune-ups you should consider if you want your closet to go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Color Coordination

There’s almost nothing that’s as pleasing to the eye as a closet with well-ordered color coordination. Whether you opt to arrange your closet in the colors of the rainbow or to move from darker colors to lighter hues, grouping your clothing by appearance creates an incredibly organized look. And the best news about this strategy? There’s no complicated system required to color coordinate your closet; all it takes is a little free time and the desire to upgrade your space.

Incorporate Design Elements

The design scheme of your home shouldn’t end when you enter your closet. If you have a walk in closet, consider incorporating features that match your overall interior design into your organizational system. Have a home that’s rustic chic? Using wicker baskets for your storage will integrate your closet as a seamless feature of your home. Whatever your style, there’s certain to be a way to bring the look into your wardrobe and create a closet that feels like it fits.

Emphasize Your Entryway

A clean, spacious, entryway creates an invaluable first impression of your closet in your mind’s eye. We may not all have the luxury of huge expanses of space in our closets, but all of us can make the effort to keep the floors of our closet clear. This simple touch will level up your closet with ease.

Add an Area Rug

The need for good flooring doesn’t end at your closet door. If you have the space for an area rug in your walk-in closet, it can change the feeling of your closet for the better. Adding an area rug will also help you combine some of our other tips, like creating a clean entryway and incorporating the design elements of your home, in one easy, “wow-worthy” step.

For more of the latest tips and tricks for building your best custom closet, contact the experts at More Space Place Jacksonville.