5 Custom Closet Features to Try

custom closet jacksonville, st. john's

At More Space Place Jacksonville, we know what a difference the right custom closet can make for our clients. Custom closets help tame the chaos of your clothes collection, provide you with quality storage space, and help you look your best each day. At More Space Place Jacksonville, we thrive on creating custom closets built with exactly the right features to match our clients’ situations. If you’re dreaming of your own custom closet, here are five features to consider trying:

  1. Center Island – Center islands are all the rage for kitchens, but they’re just as stunning and functional when you add an island to your closet. A closet island provides one more opportunity for storage, and it also serves as a workshop table as you put together your day’s outfit.
  2. Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack – One problem many of our clients report struggling with is how to organize their shoes or ensure their collection gets more equal rotation. A wall-mounted shoe rack or custom shoe shelving allows our clients to see every shoe in their collection in the morning—a great way to take pleasure in, and make sure you’re enjoying all of, your collection.
  3. In-Closet Mirror – A mirror is a nice touch for walk in closets because it instantly transforms a storage space into a dressing room. Depending on your particular situation, you might opt for a sliding mirror or for mirrors that coordinate with your built-in shelving.
  4. Specialty Lighting – Speaking of transforming closets into dressing rooms, does anything feel quite as luxurious as specialty lighting? If you’re interested in creating a closet that’s truly an oasis from the outside world, specialty lighting will make you feel like a celebrity as you begin each day.
  5. Seating Area– One last custom closet feature that’s sure to raise the “wow factor” of your space is installing a seating area. Adding a bench to your custom closet will help transform the functionality of your space and make getting ready in the morning a breeze.

Ready to get started? Call More Space Place Jacksonville today to begin the process of designing your own custom closet. We love helping our clients in the Jacksonville, St. John’s and St. Augustine areas craft exactly the right solutions for their organizational struggles, so we’re happy to help you design the right closet solution for your situation. Call us today and take advantage of our free, in-home, consultations to get started on your custom closet project!