5 Quick Ways to Gain Closet Space

Custom Closet Organization JacksonvilleThe winter holidays are coming, and for many of us, the party-filled time of year (and the great sales that come with it!) means that our closets will soon be bursting at the seams. The experts here at More Space Place Jacksonville, though, know you can get through the season with your most organized closet yet.  To help you beat the winter closet blues, we’re bringing you our top five quick ways to gain closet space this holiday season.

  1. Purge Clothing—Our first tip might just be the most painful. As new clothing comes in, it’s a great idea to evaluate what you can trim from your closet. If you haven’t worn a piece in over a year, it might be time to donate it or to pass it along to a friend who can get more use out of it. A streamlined closet is much easier to manage, and often brings more joy, than one packed with out of date clothes.
  2. Double Up—Investing in hangers that can vertically stack is a great way to gain a little space in your closets and to pair outfits together.
  3. Incorporate shelving—Remember that your closet’s design isn’t set in stone. For some of us, folding our items on shelves makes much more sense than hanging them. Incorporating shelving can also lend additional space after all of the hanging rack space is claimed.
  4. Go Beyond the Closet—Don’t limit yourself to your closet for all of your clothing storage. Under the bed systems, traditional wardrobes, or furniture that incorporates storage are all great ways to gain space in your home while staying organized.
  5. Call the Professionals—Sometimes a project is too big to handle alone, and that’s why we’re here! At More Space Place Jacksonville, we specialize in crafting storage solutions for Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Nocatee, and beyond. A professionally designed closet is sure to meet all of your needs and keep your system functional through every season.

To get started working with More Space Place Jacksonville, call us today to schedule a free design consultation or visit our conveniently located showroom in Jacksonville. We can’t wait to help you design your dream closet.