6 Tips to an Organized 2016

planner and calendarBeing organized affects more than our surroundings; it affects us, too. Less chaos around us can mean less chaos within us, and who doesn’t want a more stress-free life?

At More Space Place Jacksonville, we want you to start your 2016 strong.  Read on to learn six ways you can lead a more organized (and less chaotic and stressful) life in the new year.

Clean Your Workspace Once a Week

An organized workspace means an organized mind and better productivity! Keeping a clean workspace where everything has a place is important because you spend at least 40 hours in this area! If you have an office, then consider our office storage solutions to get your office space organized and clear the clutter.

Make Your Home a Sanctuary

If you’re coming home to a messy and disorganized house every day, it will affect your mood and your desire to work on passion projects or other hobbies. It’s a good idea to keep up with a cleaning schedule so you’re not left with a huge mess each weekend. And if you have too much clutter and not enough space, then kitchen pantry storage and closet organization and storage should be considered. We also offer full entertainment centers that double as storage for your living room!

Organize Your Phone and Computer

This is just as important as having a workspace or office with proper storage and organization. Being able to quickly find the app or document you’re looking for will free up more time in your day.  Consider organizing your phone by labeled folders and creating an structural system on your computer where every document or project can quickly be found.

Clean Out Your Purse or Wallet

While we don’t offer mini purse and wallet storage solutions, spending precious minutes searching through your purse for that one receipt, credit card, or other item will only waste your time. If you carry the same purse or wallet daily, then try cleaning it out monthly so you can find everything more easily.

Keep a Planner

Keeping a planner is one of the best ways to remove chaos from your life. If you know exactly when and where you have to be on certain days then you don’t have to ask others again or search through emails or texts. You’ll be late and frustrated less often and calm more often. To-do lists are also a great way to prioritize the day’s most important tasks and spend less time choosing your next task.

Own Less Stuff

Even with all the storage solutions More Space Place Jacksonville offers, sometimes it’s just a good idea to downsize the number of things you own. You can even make a contribution by donating clothes and other items to charities. If this seems like a daunting task, then try going through a small portion of your home each day and getting rid of everything you no longer use that holds no serious sentimental value.  If you find yourself needing more storage space after that, you can always try our garage storage solutions.

More Space Place Jacksonville offers free in-home consultations that are easy to schedule. Just give us a call today to get an organized start to 2016!

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