Bring Order to Your Living Room

Living rooms can get rather hectic with all of the cords and remotes that accompany TVs, speakers, DVD players, and other electronics splayed out around your space. If you have kids or pets, toys can also find their way onto living room floors and in between sofa cushions. Murphy Bed Jacksonville can help you organize your home with the following tips.


Coffee tables and side tables can become cluttered by magazines, drink coasters, and other extraneous items. To keep these areas looking neat, find a large tray to place on top of the coffee table to hold all of these items. Theses types of trays are great for holding remotes, books, tissue boxes, and other items that can be removed when needed, but otherwise will look better contained. You can also find small organizers to place within these trays to further arrange your belongings.

Baskets & Trunks

Toys belonging to both pets and kids are liable to be found all throughout the living room. To keep these contained, pick up a few baskets or trunks to hold these toys when they are not being used. Baskets are also great for holding extra blankets, which can make a room look especially messy if left lying around. Both trunks and baskets can disguise clutter while also adding a pretty design element to your existing décor.

Bring Order to Your Living Room Murphy Bed Jacksonville

Custom Media Center

Murphy Bed Jacksonville specializes in creating custom cabinetry, closets, and other organizational products. A great way to arrange electronics and their cords in your living room is to place them into an entertainment center. Extremely stylish and functional to boot, our custom media centers can also be designed to include room for DVDs, books, and any other items you are hoping to corral and organize. Our experts would love to talk with you about your design goals and get you set up with a media center that will truly transform your living room space.

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Are you ready to organize you living room? With customizable entertainment centers from Murphy Bed Jacksonville, you can transform your home into the relaxing haven you know it can be. Give us a call to arrange your free, in-home design consultation!

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