Buying a Murphy Bed? Get to Know Your Options

More Space Place Jacksonville offers a wide range of Murphy beds in various sizes, styles, and price points. Get to know your options to ensure that your new custom bed is a perfect fit for your home.

Jefferson Library Bed

Visitors coming into your home would never guess that there is a Murphy bed behind the Jefferson Library set-up. The bed is a space-efficient, classy shelving unit during the day to make it easy for you to store books and/or display decorative items. At night, the shelving unit slides to the side to reveal a bed tucked behind the shelves. The Jefferson Library Bed comes in full and queen sizes to suit the needs of any living room area.

Standard Murphy Bed

The Standard Murphy Bed is available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and finish options to suit the needs of any home. Headboards are available on many models to create comfortable seating for watching TV or reading a book. Wall cabinets and bookcases on the side of the bed are built in a simple, classy style that is sure to match well with your existing home style of decor.

Dreamsaver Murphy Bed

The Dreamsaver Murphy Bed is ideal for rooms with a limited amount of space as the cabinet doors are a mere 16 inches deep. This bed comes with two narrow bookcases on either side, but More Space Place Jacksonville can add additional custom storage cabinets if you have space in the room. Dreamsaver beds are available in twin, full, and queen sizes.

Closet Sleeper Bed

Would you like to have a guest room that can be used as a storage room, playroom, or family room when family and friends aren’t staying over? If so, the closet sleeper bed is sure to suit your needs. Available in several sizes, this bed, when pulled out, offers handy shelves and hanging space so those staying over the night can store their belongings with ease. When not in use, the closet sleeper bed is tucked into a space-efficient closet. If you want a set-up with a modern appearance, consider the closet sleeper bed with sliding opaque glass doors. As an added benefit, the glass reflects natural light to create a bright, cheery ambiance in your spare room.

The New Yorker

The laminated framework on this contemporary Murphy bed ensures the New Yorker will fit well in any home with a modern style of decor. Plenty of finish and color options are available and this Murphy bed offers handy cupboards and shelf storage space on either side to make it easy to store and/or display important items.

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