Considerations For Building A Custom Home Office In Jacksonville

Telecommuters, self-employed professionals, and small business owners all need a home office space to call their own. Make sure you can be productive working from home by building a custom home office. Take the leap into a dedicated home office with help from the designers at More Space Place Jacksonville.

Custom desk with home office storage


What do you need from your home office? A custom desk may be one of your requirements, but there’s more to an office than just the workspace. Filing cabinets, bookshelves, printer and copy machine, and a comfortable desk chair are all important parts of your office ecosystem. If you always like to have a cup of coffee or tea, consider a small drink preparation station to keep you pepped up.

Shared Space or Single Use

Custom home office desk with Murphy bed

It can be a big decision to fully devote a room in your home to one purpose. On one hand, your office will most likely only be in use for 40 hours a week, leaving it empty when you’re not working. There are many ways to add function and secondary purposes to a home office, but one of our favorites is the addition of a Murphy bed. A folding wall bed allows you to transform your home office into a cozy guest room. We can help you design a space that combines a folding wall bed and a custom desk to provide working space during the day and sleeping space for guests when needed.

On the other hand, it is valuable to have a workspace sanctuary where you can get down to business and avoid distractions. Fully dedicating a home office for work will help you stay focused when in the office, and keep your mind off work when you aren’t. If you want to stay locked in while in the office, make sure to keep everything you may need close at hand with custom drawers, shelving, and cable management.

Finish the Job

When designing a home office, one of the more difficult decisions is choosing the colors of your custom storage solution. With natural and artificial finishes in many colors, we’re certain to have just what you’re looking for. No matter your choice, you can be confident that your home office will look great and allow you to perform well.

Ready to Get Started?

Committing to a dedicated office space within your home is a big step, but luckily, we’ve been there before. The expert team at More Space Place Jacksonville can help you throughout the entire design process and work with you to meet each of your home office needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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