Create the Ideal Spare Room With a Murphy Bed

Do you have a spare room and wish it could be an effective guest room? Are you tired of a guest bed hogging all the space? By choosing a Murphy bed that fits your style, you really can have it all. Here at More Space Place Jacksonville, we carry innovative traditional and modern styles to maximize your space. Let’s take a look!

Solve Multiple Problems at Once

No one wants to have a spare room that they never use, but some people have the opposite problem. Perhaps you are dying to add a children’s playroom, or create the ideal home gym. Your extra room could also become the perfect place to study or read. None of this is realistic if you have a huge bed in the middle of the room, occupying 80 percent of the space when it only gets used a week or two out of the year. Installing a Murphy bed allows you to transform your guest room into anything else you like, because setup and takedown is just that simple.

Chesterfield Murphy bed More Space Place

Keep Organized

If you imagined a Murphy bed as simply a mattress on a platform that folds up to the wall, you might be missing out on some serious storage options. Most people like to have a bedside table or chest of drawers to accompany a guest bed, but that is harder to pull off with a sofa bed arrangement. By comparison, many Murphy bed styles have built-in storage for books, bed linens, or even extra pillows. In a home with minimal square footage, having storage alternatives that are built-in takes space off the floor, and makes it easy to find everything you need.

New Yorker Murphy Bed


Sleep in Style

The whole point of having a bed in your spare room is so that your guests have a nice place to visit. If you can make that space comfortable and inviting, they are more likely to stay and make the bed an effective investment. Murphy beds offer a plush mattress that might be as big and as high quality as a mattress for a standard bed frame. These days, there are so many choices available to suit your individual décor. You can select a Murphy bed that you will be delighted to show visitors every time they stop by.

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Creating a bedroom out of your spare room can be a huge space-saver, if you make the right choices. With a Murphy bed, you can provide a wonderful sleeping space for guests, without having to give up the space you need. Get started today with a free in-home design consultation from the experts at More Space Place Jacksonville to look at styles and personalize the storage options. Call us today!