Creating a Boutique-Style Custom Closet

custom closet JacksonvilleFor homeowners in the Jacksonville and St. Johns area looking to take their closet to the next level, a boutique-style custom closet may be the perfect solution. This style not only adds more function to a space, but it also drastically enhances its style. Many customers of More Space Place Jacksonville have found this kind of design to be especially enjoyable to create. You can model your own closet after your favorite clothing stores and boutiques to bring that kind of chic style into your own home. Read on to learn how!

Choose Your Theme

When beginning the design process of your boutique-style custom closet, think about the types of décor you like. Some people even go around to various shops to find inspiration. Keep an eye out for color schemes, furniture pieces, and other aspects of the store’s atmosphere you find appealing. Perhaps you’re more drawn to simple vintage charm, or maybe you prefer an elegant and ornamental French theme. The options are endless! Once you have an idea of what you want for your own home, you can start choosing your closet design elements.

Closet Accessories

Some of the best parts of a custom closet are the accessories you get to incorporate. Your closet design experts from More Space Place Jacksonville can help you learn more about the various special features you can include in your closet system. We offer a wide selection of accessories, including baskets and hampers, rods and lift systems, drawers and adjustable shelving, tie and belt racks, shoe racks and cubbies, ironing boards, and jewelry drawers/inserts. When employed correctly, each of these components can add sophisticated style and maximum utility to your closet design. It’s helpful to take inventory of your items before starting the design process, so you know exactly what you need stored. That way you can guarantee you have all the right accessories.

Personalize Your Designcustom closet St. Johns

Once you have the actual storage elements picked out, you can work on adding some fun and personal touches to your closet design. Find drawer and cabinet knobs that match your theme. Our accessories come in a variety of luxurious finishes, including satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and polished chrome. Choose from our more than 18 door styles to find the one that fits your desired aesthetic. We have options made from real wood for those desiring a classic look, or opt for a mullion door with sleek glass inserts to craft a dramatic display of your in-home boutique. Another great feature to consider is special lighting. A unique chandelier or built-in light strips above the shelves can add both style and function to the space.

Are you ready to start designing your own boutique-style custom closet? Contact the experts at More Space Place of Jacksonville and St. Johns today to schedule a free in-home consultation!