Creating The Perfect Custom Home Office

custom home office Jacksonville, Florida

With the rise in both the ability to work remotely and the popularity of doing so, many people in the Jacksonville and St. Johns, Florida, areas work from home. In order to reach your full potential as an employee or a business owner, having a good place to work is key. Working from home has many great benefits, but it can also be a challenge. It’s nice to not have to commute, and it’s great to get to work comfortably in your own home, but getting too comfortable can also mean a decline in productivity. Here we’ll look at how to maximize productivity by creating the perfect custom home office.


First, devote a space in your home for work. If you have a separate room that can be used as an office, that’s ideal. However, if you don’t have an extra room to spare, designate an area in another room. It’s easy to get distracted by things that need to be done in the house, such as dishes, laundry, or other household chores. Having a designated workspace will keep you focused and prevent you from getting off track during the workday.


After you decide where your office space will be, it’s time to plan the setup. Figure out what kind of desk space and storage space you need. This part of the customization process is important because different occupations require different structures. Maybe you’re an architect who needs a lot of table space for planning, as well as plenty of drawers for tools and utensils. Maybe you’re a graphic designer who needs ample space for multiple computer monitors. Knowing what kind of space you’ll need can ensure you’ll create the ideal office setup.

Build It

Now that you know what kind of workspace you’ll need, you can start working to build it. At More Space Place Jacksonville, we have many options for creating a custom home office. Our home office furniture options include desks with shelves, drawers, filing cabinets, and other storage options. Each component can be chosen specifically to suit your personal office needs. The furniture is not only highly functional, but it looks great, too! You can choose from a wide variety of style, color, and finish options to best match your space’s décor and your personal taste.

Call The Experts

If you’re ready to start creating a custom home office, give the experts at More Space Place Jacksonville a call. Our experienced designers will work with you to create the perfect setup that maximizes productivity and aesthetic appeal, starting with a free in-home design consultation. Contact us today!