Clever Custom Closet Ideas for Shoe Collections

custom closets jacksonvilleFrom high heels to flip flops, your shoes are an important part of your wardrobe. Rather than being piled on top of each other on the floor, your shoes deserve to be safely showcased in a closet where they’re easy to access. The following tips from More Space Place Jacksonville will help you organize your treasured shoe collection in a way that makes sense for your home and your wardrobe.

Keep Shoes Off the Floor

With customized closet solutions, the possibilities for shoe storage are virtually endless. You can tailor your footwear organization to your specific collection and preferences. If there’s one rule you should definitely follow, however, it’s to avoid placing your shoes on the floor. This is a recipe for clutter and frustration whenever you need to find a favorite pair. Ideally, the shoes you wear most often will be stored near eye level so they are immediately accessible.

Back-of-Door Storage

If your closet space is limited, consider storing your most frequently worn shoes on the back of your closet door with the help of a carefully chosen system. This is a nice solution if you have just a few pairs of shoes and wish to reserve the rest of your closet for other storage needs.

Shoe Cubbies

Cubbies are wonderful for their sheer versatility. They can also be built to be the perfect size for a pair of shoes. Even if you eventually purge your large shoe collection, you can still use cubbies for hats, scarves, or other accessories.

Corner Space Solutions

Lazy Susans are no longer exclusively for kitchens. By incorporating one into your closet design, you can make the most of otherwise disregarded corner space. This underutilized space can also be tackled with corner shelving.

Utilize Curtains

Not everybody desires to put their shoe collections on display, particularly if those collections are primarily made up of practical, less attractive footwear. Add an element of distinction to your closet and install an attractive curtain to hide your shoe rack. You can easily pull back the curtain when you need to access your shoes or leave it closed to give your closet a more sophisticated appearance.

Slide-Out Racks for Small Closets

Not everyone has the luxury of a large walk-in closet in his or her Jacksonville or St. Johns home. Thankfully, a few creative solutions can make tiny closets a surprisingly significant source of storage space. Slide-out racks are essential for small closets, as they remove the need for reaching into deep, dark corners.

Whether you boast a vast walk-in closet and several dozen pairs of shoes or a tiny closet and just a few footwear favorites, we can help you create a custom storage solution that meets your unique needs. Call More Space Place Jacksonville today for a free in-home design consultation!