Custom Closets for Teens’ Bedrooms

custom closets for teens JacksonvilleProviding teens with their own space is important in helping them feel independent. At More Space Place serving Jacksonville and St. Johns, we can help your teen utilize every inch of the space in their bedroom, which can create a comfortable, organized, and useful space for them to call their own. With the creation of a custom closet system, it’s possible to accommodate an ever-changing wardrobe without making their room feel cramped or cluttered.

Keeping Messy Teens Organized

Many of today’s Jacksonville teenagers juggle tough coursework with part-time jobs, babysitting, extracurricular activities, and volunteer positions. With so little time to spare, they rarely get the chance to organize their possessions. It’s no wonder they can never find their school supplies, favorite outfits, or other belongings when they need them.

Custom closets provide a more intuitive approach to organization, making it easy for even the messiest adolescent to bring some order to their lives. These closet systems are designed to meet their specific needs, ensuring their organizational priorities remain at the forefront. No longer will keeping their bedroom clean feel like a chore.

Free Up Bedroom Space

They may know all about algebra and history, but few high school students understand the importance and responsibility of maintaining a clean and organized home environment. Many parents probably start feeling like broken records after so many times of having to remind their kids to pick up their clothes off the floor. A custom closet from More Space Place is a great solution to this problem. Designing a closet around your teen’s lifestyle and utilizing features like adjustable shelves, drawers, cabinets, and clothing racks, can make it easier for them to keep their items in their designated storage areas.

Once a teen’s dream closet is designed, he or she can use it to house bulkier items, too, reducing the need for additional bedroom storage. This keeps the bedroom as free and open as possible. Even the smallest bedroom can feel spacious if the closet is organized properly.


Teenagers may strive to fit in with their peers, but it’s also important for them to express their own personalities. They accomplish this via social media, decorated lockers, and impeccably designed bedrooms. The enjoyment and freedom they can experience from decorating their bedroom can extend to the closet, where specific layouts, colors, and other elements of design can be included to give the space a more personalized feel. Custom closets are for more than just storage where they can allow teens to showcase their unique styles.

The bedroom should be a peaceful, yet vibrant retreat for teenagers where they can escape whenever they feel stressed or overwhelmed. As an extension of the bedroom haven, each closet should reflect a teen’s priorities, while also making their lives easier. Custom closets are the ultimate solutions to a teenager’s space and storage woes. Contact your local experts today at More Space Place to schedule a free in-home design consultation. We proudly serve the greater Jacksonville area.


Photo: © bowdenimages