Decluttering: The First Step to Reorganizing Your Closet

Tired of wading through dozens of outfits in your closet to find the one you want? Need more storage to accommodate your goods? Decluttering will resolve these issues and more. Decluttering gets rid of what you don’t need to provide more space for what you can’t do without. More Space Place Jacksonville offers a wide selection of custom storage solutions for you to maximize storage and keep the clutter at bay. These tips can help facilitate the decluttering process.

Prepare to Declutter

Before tackling a closet declutter job, prepare your space and gather the things you’ll need for the work at hand. This includes:

  • An empty space on your bed or floor to accommodate everything in your closet
  • Bags or boxes to separate clothing you want to sell, donate or trash
  • A “catch-all” container for items you find in pockets or the back of your closet to go through later
  • A full-length mirror to help you decide what to keep or toss

Empty & Clean Closet

Empty your closet to include clothes, shoes, hangers, bins, etc. and place on your bed or floor. Clearing your closet makes it easier to plan how to reorganize it once you’re done. It also gives you a chance to thoroughly clean your closet before putting items back into storage. More Space Place Jacksonville has many different closet solutions and can even work with you to find the perfect custom fix for your closet.


Go through your clothes and decide what to keep and what to toss. If you haven’t worn something in a while, try it on. Then ask yourself:

  • Do I really like this item?
  • Am I going to wear it?
  • Is it practical, comfortable or attractive on me?
  • Does it project the image I want it to project?

If your answer is yes, the item is obviously worth keeping. The objective of decluttering is to pare your wardrobe down to make room for essentials and items you really use and want.

Some items may fall into the “maybe” category such as costly designer pieces you got on sale or items with sentimental value. That’s okay. Consider storing them elsewhere to save closet space for more essential goods. You can always go through these items again in a month or so and make a final decision on whether to keep them indefinitely or let them go.

As you go through your goods, separate them into the proper category, i.e. keep, sell, donate or trash. Once you’re done, all you have to do is follow through with your decision without having to go through these clothes again.


Now you’re ready to organize your closet to meet your storage needs. This may entail revamping your space to better suit your lifestyle. If so, consider working with a professional home storage company like More Space Place Jacksonville for custom closet designs that offer the storage solutions you need. A well-organized closet is a joy to behold and a great way to kickstart your morning.