Designing a Custom Closet for Kids

Of all the storage and organization problems homeowners face, figuring out how to prevent your kids’ toys, games, and clothing from overtaking the entire house is one of the most challenging. Kids seem to get new items on a daily basis, thanks for party bags and doting grandparents, and all of it gravitates toward the living room floor.

While it won’t prevent them from spreading their stuff around, designing a custom closet for your kids at least creates a dedicated place to categorize and store their stuff, making clean up easier — and hopefully more fun. Here at More Space Place Jacksonville, we specialize in customized storage solutions for every area of the house. A custom walk-in or reach-in closet for your children can be a huge help to keep your house organized. Read on to learn more here!

Kids Closets JacksonvilleCreate Toy Storage

Children don’t normally have a lot of clothes that you have to worry about organizing. What they do have, however, are large collections of building systems, dolls, puzzles, and games. Configuring your child’s closet space with shelves and baskets at the bottom gives your kid space for their collections and the ability to access their favorite toys and games. Use baskets and drawers low to the ground for them to easily find and put away what they want to play with.

Convert a Reach-In Closet to a Walk-In for Your Little Diva

You can convert a standard reach-in closet into a walk-in simply by removing the hang bar and placing a closet organization system against one of the inner walls. This creates the illusion of a “walk-in” closet, which will make young girls feel all grown up. On the opposing inner wall, combine a series of hooks with shelves so that she can hang her accessories and display photos and prized possessions.

Build a Closet System that Works for the Long Haul

Your child’s storage needs are going to change radically from the time they are in elementary school to the time they leave the house for college. But you don’t have to keep purchasing new closet systems to accommodate each life stage. With careful planning, you can design a unit where open shelving for toys and games below converts into shoe storage, and you can adjust existing hang space to fit the larger and taller garments your teenager will wear. Our features like adjustable clothing rods and shelving will grow with your child and make it easier for you to manage their changing needs.

It all starts with a good custom closet design plan. More Space Place Jacksonville is ready to help you get started. Contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our design specialists, and we’ll get started on the closet of your child’s dreams.