Designing a Kid Friendly Custom Closet

kid friendly closet JacksonvilleFor such little people, they tend to have a lot of stuff. And the experts at More Space Place Jacksonville know that figuring out where to keep toys, clothes, and other necessities is a challenge for most parents. But with the right storage solutions, it’s possible to keep your kid’s room as organized as your own. If your little one’s personal space is in need of an overhaul, start with a custom closet. Read on for some simple, kid friendly closet design tips.

Keep Things Low

Encourage your youngsters to take control of their own organization. This might seem like a fantasy, but designing a closet with low shelves and hangers will help make cleanup easy. 

Avoid Permanent Closet Fixtures

Whenever you can, try to use bins, baskets, and other storage containers that can be moved or removed. Since children’s tastes and needs are always changing, it’s smart to design a closet that changes with them.

Use Big, Colorful Labels

Even though you know where everything goes, your kids might need a reminder. Using color-coded labels will help everyone remember that shoes don’t go in the same bin as toys.

Make It Fun

Remember that the main goal of designing your kid friendly closet is to encourage everyone to use it. Make it fun by choosing a theme or adding special decorations. And for bonus points, add a small sitting area so that the closet becomes a private hideout!

Don’t Forget The Toys

When it comes to kids’ rooms, closets aren’t just for clothes. Leave room for toys and miscellaneous items. This will save everyone time, and it will keep favorite stuffed animals and precious items from being misplaced. 

Give Siblings Their Own Space

Even though they use some of the same items, make sure everyone has a small space of their own. Most parents agree that designated personal space cuts down on lost items, disagreements, and unnecessary mixups.

You’re The Expert On Your Kids

At the end of the day, you’re the one who knows what will work best for your kids. And no matter how unique your children’s needs are, the team at More Space Place Jacksonville can create a closet that works for them. Let’s combine our expertise to find the perfect storage solution! Contact us to schedule a free consultation. Get started today!