Distance Learning? Find Space for a Quiet Home Study Space with These Storage Solutions

As we’ve moved through 2020, homes have become offices and kitchens have become classrooms. This has led families to find unique ways to create space for everything that needs to happen throughout the day. If you’re still struggling to find enough space for distance learning, use these tips to create a quiet home study space for your learners so that everyone can focus throughout the day. 

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Add a Desk to a Quiet Area of Your Home

Your distance learning student will need to be able to focus on their online coursework throughout the day, so it’s important that they have a quiet area of your home to work in. It doesn’t necessarily matter where this area is, so don’t be afraid to choose small nooks, hallways, or other non-conventional spaces. Their teacher would rather see them sitting in a hallway and able to focus than sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by hustle and bustle throughout the day, struggling to learn. 

Organize School Supplies

Select containers or shelving to organize their school supplies and books so that it’s easy for them to find what they need. A disorganized environment makes it harder to learn, as they’ll always be spending time struggling to locate the items that they need to do their work. Make sure that they have a dedicated place to store their books, notebooks, pens, pencils, and a laptop or computer so that everything is ready when they sit down to work on their schoolwork. 

Include Items to Reduce Stress

Consider adding items to their work area to help them deal with the stress of sitting still all day, not being able to see their friends, and possibly receiving bad news while being expected to focus on their schoolwork. Stress balls, fidget toys, foot hammocks, or exercise ball chairs all make good options for active students who are suddenly adjusting to a new environment. 

Locate Study Areas Near Power Source

Be sure that their desk is located near both a power outlet and a light source, so that it’s easy for them to use their computer and participate in any video calls that they need to for their online classes. 

If you’re struggling to find the space in your home to set up a dedicated study area, reach out to the friendly professionals at More Space Place Jacksonville. They can assess the situation and help you create the perfect multipurpose area so that everyone in your family has the space that they need to achieve their goals. 

Photo credit: © fizkes