Dos and Don’ts of Donating Clothing

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The holiday season is here in full swing, which for many of us means thinking about the ways we can give back this year. At More Space Place Jacksonville, we spend much of our time working with clients to organize their closets, so donating clothing is never far from our minds. Not only does donating some of your infrequently worn items de-clutter your closet, but it can do a world of good for those in need. To help you give back while getting organized this holiday season, we’re bringing you the dos and don’ts of donating clothing.

DO: Wash Clothing Before Donation – While most organizations will accept clothing that hasn’t been washed, it creates more work for the donation center. If an article of clothing is unwashed, it also lowers the chance that the item will sell. To do the greatest amount of good with your donation, wash your clothing before donating it.

DO: Research the Organization and Call with Questions – Don’t be afraid to research the organization you’re considering donating to and call the donation center with any questions you have about your donation. Not only do donation policies vary from organization to organization, but the amount of the proceeds that directly benefit charity can be markedly different as well. Whether you have a question about donating a particular item, or you’d like to know where the proceeds from your donation go, it’s a good idea to reach out directly to the donation center.

DO: Remember Shoes, Accessories, and Home Goods—Clothing is one of the most popular donation categories, but centers like Goodwill are happy to help you de-clutter your home with broader donations. If you’ve cleaned out your closet, but you still feel like you have more to give, branch out to other rooms of the home. You’ll feel better for going into the new year with a little less “stuff” and the knowledge that you’ve done a little more good in the world.

DON’T: Forego Donating for Convenience – While there can be a number of details involved in the donation process, it’s important to remember the ultimate goal – helping those in need. Donating your clothing is a small but significant way to give back this holiday season.

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