Essential Spring Cleaning Tasks Most People Overlook

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You can read a lot of theories about the origins of spring cleaning. In the old days, it probably seemed natural to refresh a home after months of staying cooped up with the family beside a sooty fireplace. All around the world, people also celebrate spring holidays that emphasize renewal and optimism, and these special days call for a clean house. As you work on your spring cleaning checklist, don’t forget these important tasks that many people miss.

Naturally, you don’t just want your house to look clean; you also want it to provide a spotless haven for yourself and your family. Don’t overlook these tasks:

Curtains and drapes: You probably vacuum your carpets at least weekly and get them deep cleaned once per year. Meanwhile, many people hang their drapes and then never attend to them again. You might be shocked to find that this fabric will collect dust particles and other contaminants from the air just as easily. To improve indoor air quality and prolong the lifetime of curtains and drapes, add them to your spring cleaning tasks.

Ceiling fans: Have you turned on overhead fans yet this year? If not, you will probably find a layer of dust on top of the blades. To avoid sending all of that dust through your house, make sure you wipe those blades down before you use them. Ceiling fans are easy to overlook; however, you should also check the blades of other kinds of fans too.

Storage spaces: To save time and energy, lots of people only focus upon visible areas of the house. Meanwhile, such storage spaces as closets, garages, and junk rooms collect clutter and dust for years without getting attended to. Don’t put off de-cluttering your storage spaces. You can give away or sell things most things you haven’t used in the past year without missing them. You could also find better ways to organize the things you do use.

How to Make a Difference in Your  Home After Spring Cleaning

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