Getting Game Night Ready: Rec Room Game Storage and Organization in Jacksonville

Gone are the long cool evenings of summer. With darkness falling sooner, family game nights are here again. Instead of struggling to pick out the right pastime, make sure you have more time to play by organizing your rec room board game storage for an easy pick on family game night! The storage and organization experts at More Space Place Jacksonville are here to help with these game night storage tips.

Sideways Storage

Books are best stored with their spines out – it saves space, and you can grab any book without disturbing a pile. Set up games to be stored in the same way! Begin by organizing game pieces within the box. Use zipper plastic bags or small storage containers to separate houses from hotels and keep cards and paper pieces from getting bent or torn. When all of the pieces are corralled, return everything to the box and store games on their sides. You’ll be able to easily choose the game you’re looking for without moving around stacks of boxes, and you’ll never have to worry about missing an important game piece.

Three Levels of Organization

Make sure to store games in a convenient way. Games for children should be stored lower on shelves or in cabinets so little hands can easily get to them. Family games and favorites should be stored above kids’ games to keep them close at hand for an impromptu session. Long games, adult games, and games you don’t play as often can be stored highest so that they are still accessible, but don’t clutter up the lower shelves and make it difficult to find the right game.

Custom Board Game Storage Solution

If you love games and love playing them, you may choose to invest in a custom storage solution from More Space Place Jacksonville. Glass front cabinets can show off box art for your favorite games or collector’s editions, and adjustable shelving makes sure you’re able to keep collecting new games for the future. With a variety of finishes, materials, and storage options, the designers at More Space Place Jacksonville will ensure that your games stay ready to play and stored away for game night.

Game On

Ready to get started with a custom game storage solution? Speak with our interior design and home organization experts at More Space Place Jacksonville to meet all of your game storage and organization needs. We can help you through the entire design process and work with you to fit your lifestyle and storage needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Photo © Diane Labombarbe