Home Offices for a More Productive 2020

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions people make is to work more efficiently. That’s hard to do if your dedicated work space is cluttered or unattractive. This year, finally follow through on your ambition to get things done by revamping your home office space so that it is fully functional and an inspirational place to work. 

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Decide Where to Put Your Home Office

There are two schools of thought on being more productive. One is to break old habits entirely, and the other is to examine how you currently work and modify your space to fit your existing habits. 

For instance, if you work best at the kitchen table, your best bet might be building an office niche right into a kitchen wall so that you don’t have to keep moving between rooms to fetch materials you need. Or you might find yourself easily distracted by the demands of family life. In that case, building a home office into the master bedroom or utilizing a spare bedroom lets you work in privacy, breaking the multitasking habit.

Choose the Type of Home Organization System that Works for You

Are you the kind of person for whom visual cues stimulate ambition? Got a lot of books and reference materials? Open shelves with clear storage boxes for paperwork and other small materials are the way to go.

If, on the other hand, the mere sight of clutter makes you less productive, select a combination of traditional drawers and cupboards for a look that is streamlined and professional. A home organization system that can conceal the details of your work space is also a good option for people who don’t have a dedicated room for their home office and are utilizing one wall, nook, or corner of shared living space. 

Consider a Murphy Bed for a Truly Multifunctional Space

Make 2019 the year you finally convert that spare bedroom into the office space you always dreamed of. The best way to create an office that doubles as a guest bedroom is to include a Murphy bed in your home office. Most of the time, the bed will be folded up in a wall cabinet, but when your guests or adult children visit, they will have a comfortable and private place to sleep. 

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