Working Remotely in Jacksonville: How to Stay Productive at Home

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Are you having a hard time getting everything done at home? Do you feel as if you are more productive out of your home? Now is the time to shift your focus to the source of your inability to stay motivated. It’s time to invest in a custom home office space. You will feel more invested in your job when you have a dedicated space to work remotely from. At More Space Place Jacksonville, our team will make sure your office is equipped with everything you need to do your best work! Here are some great things you can do to get started. 

Set the Right Tone: Create a Routine 

Even though many of us are no longer commuting to the office, it is still vital to set a morning routine you can stick to. Having a structured morning routine helps set a positive tone for the workday. The great thing about morning routines is that you have the freedom to create it any way you wish. For some, maybe it’s getting up early to go for a morning walk before enjoying a cup of tea. For others, maybe it’s getting a jump on chores before the day gets away. Whatever it is just make sure it energizes you! 

Keep Your Workspace Comfortable 

It’s difficult to stay productive in an uncomfortable environment. Many things can get between you and your work. Be sure to set the temperature in the room to a comfortable level you won’t need to constantly adjust. Is your office chair too comfortable or not comfortable enough? Do you work best in dimmer settings or with bright lights? Take all of these factors into account. It’s all about balance! 

Boost Your Focus: Eliminate All Distractions  

Do your best to keep distractions at bay. Be determined to view your office space as a room that’s 100% dedicated to working. Remove any distracting things that don’t need to be in there such as excessive art work, a tv, and anything else you wouldn’t normally have in your actual office.  Keep a schedule and let your family know what times you are not available so you can really focus.  

Organize, Organize, Organize 

Organized File Cabinet - More Space Place Jacksonville

Last but certainly not least, an organized space is the key to your success. We offer custom home office storage solutions you’ll love! You’ll get to choose from a variety of styles and finishes that suit your aesthetic. Our favorite home office features include: 

  • Custom-built desks with ample space including Murphy bed hybrids 
  • Adjustable shelving that is adaptable as your needs change 
  • Under-cabinet lighting that is easy on the eyes 
  • Custom cabinets to house all of your documents, materials, and more in one place 

Still need more space in your home? We’ve got solutions for every room in your home! 

Upgrade the Office in Your Jacksonville Home Now!  

Do yourself the favor of getting started on a home office solution that finally works. Our design team is ready to help you start the planning process. Give us a call today for a FREE consultation. You’ll see for yourself why homeowners in Jacksonville love working with us.  

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