How Can You Improve the Lighting in Your Custom Closet?

At More Space Place Jacksonville, our closet organization systems come with versatile components custom-built for easy access, storage and functionality. In addition to thinking about storage and shelving, you also need to think about lighting. If you want to use every square inch of your closet effectively, you have to see what is going on inside your closet. 

Our experts at More Space Place Jacksonville will work with you to find what’s best suited for your needs including: drawers and shelving, baskets and hampers, tie and belt racks, and even retractable mirrors and custom lighting. What are some of the creative ways that you can improve the lighting in your custom closet? Take a look at a few suggestions below!

Consider Using Strip Lighting in Your Closet

If you are looking for lighting that will not take up a lot of space, consider using strip lighting in your closet. You can install this on the floor of your closet, where it will not take up any extra room. If you are familiar with the strip lighting in the aisles of airplanes, you can apply the same concept to your closet as well! You can also tailor the color and brightness of your strip lighting to meet your needs!

Increase the Amount of Natural Light in the Bedroom

Even though this is commonly overlooked, consider increasing the amount of natural light in your bedroom. Then, a lot of this light will bleed into your closet. You can do this by installing bigger windows, using bright flooring, and even painting the walls of your bedroom white and to reflect the natural light that enters. If you increase the amount of natural light in your bedroom, you should be able to see more easily in your closet.

Install LED Lighting on the Underside of Your Drawers and Shelves

Finally, consider installing LED lighting on the undersides of your drawers and shelves. There are many options for shelving and cabinets at More Space Place Jacksonville to choose from. Once installed, LED lighting is efficient. It also has a long lifespan, so you will not have to replace the bulbs very often. If you install it on the undersides of your shelves and drawers, they will not take up any extra space. Furthermore, you will be able to see areas of your closest that are usually obscured, such as the floors beneath your shelves and drawers.

Get the Most out of Your Closet with the Help of Professionals from More Space Place Jacksonville!

More Space Place Jacksonville uses professional installers to make sure all wall-hung and floor-based, built-in closet organization systems are properly installed. Our experts are specially trained to assemble every square inch of your one-of-a-kind custom closet, so that it’s a perfect fit for you. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you with all of your closet and storage needs!