How to Add Space to Crowded Areas of Your Home

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Everyone has their own standard of cleanliness for the different areas of their home. But do you ever feel that certain rooms can never be fully clean or that when cleaned, they still feel somehow off? This happens to a lot of people due to the fact that they’re missing out on some fundamental concepts of space conservation. If the above scenario has ever happened to you, then this guide will help, which comes courtesy of the team at More Space Place Jacksonville. Here are some tips and tricks to create more space inside the common areas of your home!

Store Electronics in a Custom Media Center

Electronics pose an organizational conundrum in that while they’re essential to your living room activities, they tend to attract piles of tangled cords and random DVD’s strewn about the area. A common solution to this problem is to store these items in generic storage units such as DVD organizers. But these stand-alone remedies tend to create solutions that stick out from the rest of the room and can even detract from the ambience.

A much better solution is to opt for a customized media center. With a custom media center from More Space Place, the entire system is designed to fit your storage needs and style particulars. You’ll be achieving supreme organization and uplifting your room’s décor at the same time. Our team would be happy to help you design the perfect media center, just contact us to set up a free consultation!

Keep Display Areas 20% Empty

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It may be popular practice to dedicate bookshelves and other empty surfaces in your home to decorative pieces of art and collections of personal items. But while displaying your favorite collection can give you a sense of pride, this practice can actually detract from the peace and quiet when you over-pack bookcases and other display areas with your precious items. This can easily turn your favorite book collection into an eye-sore instead of a conversation piece.

To avoid this problem, simply commit to keeping 20% of your display areas free of items. This will prevent these areas from looking cramped and instead ensure that the items you put on display encourage a positive reaction from others.

Store All Non-Essentials

While this tip might sound obvious, a surprising number of living rooms simply have too much stuff lying around on the floor or intentionally displayed atop otherwise empty surfaces. These excess items can simply add up to make a room feel cluttered.

Luckily, the solution is also simple, and is to remove all the items from the room that aren’t essential and relocate them to safe and organized storage elsewhere. When it comes to storing non-essentials, the occasional stray item or a few tastefully placed art pieces are not the real problem. The real problem is the accumulation of these items over time. When you remove these items once and for all, you’ll notice a positive improvement in your home’s feng shui that’s sure to last.

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