How To Bring Organization Back to Your Home Office

There’s no better time than spring to think about revitalizing your organization. From our many years in the organization business, we’ve seen that spring is often the season when home offices begin to look a little worse for the wear – yhome office organization in jacksonville flou’ve made it through the busy rush of the holidays, through the start of the new year, and through the downtime of winter, but by the end of March, things have begun to get a little chaotic. If you need a refresh on your home office organization, read on to learn a few tips from the organizational experts at More Space Place Jacksonville to help you get your home office back on track.

  • Start Fresh – The best way to start any organizational project is with a clean slate. If things have fallen into disarray, it likely means that the organizational systems you have in place aren’t truly working for your life. When it’s time for a reboot, try to take on as much as you can. For some, that will mean clearing their desks completely to start over; for others, it will mean clearing the entire office.
  • Re-think Your Routines – When you have a blank slate in place, it’s time to re-think your routines. Would an inbox help control the flow of paperwork on your desk? Could a new shelving system better hold some of your lesser-used office tools? What new “homes” can you create for the clutter in your office that will make your organizational system easier to maintain? Asking yourself these questions and finding answers for your unique situation will help you better create a home office that suits your needs.
  • Label, Label, Label – Once everything in your office has its specific home, it’s time for liberal use of a label maker. We all have the best of intentions when we start an organizational project, but things often fall by the wayside as the months march on. By labeling the different spaces you’ve created for your office tools, you’ll create a sense of accountability. Remember, labels can always be removed or refreshed, so don’t hesitate to create spaces, even if you aren’t sure if they’re perfect fits for your life at first.
  • Call in the Professionals – Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that at More Space Place Jacksonville, we’re experts in helping our clients create custom office spaces that work for their unique needs. From art studios to computer rooms, dedicated work-spaces to rooms that work double duty, we have a solution.

For more tips and tricks, or to schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our organizational experts, call More Space Place Jacksonville today. We proudly serve the greater Jacksonville and St. John’s areas and are happy to help with all of your storage and space-saving needs.