How to Clean Out Your Garage for the Summer

Summer brings more celebration into life, and along with it, more indoor-outdoor flow. For many, this flow happens in the garage, where the door can stay open for hours on end while kids play outside or hobbyists remain hard at work. But with all this increased use, it’s important to have a clean garage during the summer more than any other time of year! That’s why today, More Space Place Jacksonville wants to give you some tips on how to clean out your garage for the new season.

Toss Old Clutter

Nothing contributes to stress like an overly cluttered space, and the garage tends to be the final destination for unwanted or scarcely used items throughout the year. Unfortunately, this means your garage can become full of items that never see the light of day. The first step in cleaning your garage is thus to look through the contents of your garage and toss unneeded items. Even if your garage is particularly cluttered, dedicating a few hours on the weekend can be all it takes to make your garage look like new again. Once this step is done, you’ll find yourself with a more manageable space than you started with, which allows you to continue to step two.

Keep it Organized

Once you clear the old clutter from your garage, the next step in clearing your garage is to create an organizational system for the remaining items. Don’t let yourself fall into old habits by simply storing your junk wherever you find space!

An organizational system can be as simple as stacked storage bins or as personalized as custom cabinetry. Whatever method you use, the key is to organize the space so that you always know where to find your old items and where you should store new ones. Having even just a few rules of thumb like these for your garage can instantly make the area a stress-free zone.  

Go Custom

custom garage storage Jacksonville

If your garage is dedicated to a specific hobby or set of activities, a custom storage system for your garage can be a life-changing addition to your home. Since everyone has different storage needs and a different-looking garage, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for garage storage. That’s why opting for a customized system is the perfect solution. From installing wall racks to floating shelves, custom workbenches, and more, More Space Place Jacksonville will help you design the perfect system to meet your storage needs!

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