How to De-clutter & Reorganize Your Closets

St. Johns custom closetsFor homeowners in the Jacksonville and St. Johns area, keeping closets clean often falls low on the list of priorities in today’s busy life. However, making a point to get your closets cleaned and organized (and keeping them that way) can actually improve your overall stress level and increase productivity. Having an organized home can carry over into other areas of your life and contribute to a calmer outlook. Read on to learn ways you can organize the different closets throughout your home to help improve your overall efficiency.

De-clutter Your Closets

The first thing you should do when going about a closet reorganization is clear everything out, and get rid of the things you don’t want or need. Extra stuff is a primary contributor of clutter. Try and be generous during this step. If there are things you haven’t worn or used in the past year, get rid of them. This applies to every closet in your home, including bedroom closets, linen closets, and entryway or mudroom closets. Clutter is often an unintended consequence of not being mindful of what we put in these storage spaces. Of course, life gets busy and this is not always an easy thing to do. De-cluttering all the closets throughout your home is a crucial step in starting fresh.

Create a Productive Storage System

Once you’ve cleaned out your storage spaces, it’s time to make a plan for how to most effectively store your remaining items. If you just put everything back the way it was, you’re more likely to fall back into the old pattern of throwing things in haphazardly, which will ultimately lead back to the same cluttered mess you just eliminated. Consider creating a custom closet system in your St. Johns home that will work specifically for your needs. Designing a storage solution to fit the specifications of your space and your items is the best way to maximize efficiency and utility. Custom shelving, drawers, dividers, and other elements of a custom closet can work wonders in achieving the most productive storage spaces.

Leave it to the Pros

If you’re ready to start designing your own custom closet in St. Johns, or if you have questions about what we offer, feel free to reach out! We offer free in-home design consultations and estimates in the Jacksonville and St. Johns, FL, areas. Our experienced storage designers at More Space Place will work with you to come up with a comprehensive design for a custom closet based on your individual needs and the space available. Not only are our closet systems efficient and productive, but they also look great. Our wide selection of colors and finishes provide choices for every style. Give us a call today!