How to Organize Jewelry

We have all experienced it, looking for our favorite
necklace and finding it in a tangled mess. Storing our beloved pieces can be a
huge headache, but it doesn’t have to be! With a few tricks, your jewelry will
always be neat and ready to make you sparkle. Whether you’re looking for a
complete organizational setup or just a few tidying solutions, More Space Place
Jacksonville has a custom storage option for you.

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Utilize Vertical Space

Tabletop space is limited, but something we have at our
disposal that often gets overlooked is wall space. There are many ways to
display and organize your jewelry on the wall, but one of the most efficient
methods is with hooks. Placing a few hooks on the wall allows you to hang
necklaces and prevent them from getting tangled. If you are not a fan of the
visual appearance, you can also place them inside a closet door for more
discreet storage.

Jewelry Dishes

Pieces that you wear often should be kept someplace easy to
access and put away.  Choose one or two
decorative dishes to keep on your dresser, these will store your daily wear
pieces like bracelets and rings. You can get creative with prints and styles
depending on the look you’re striving for. Another decorative piece to consider
is a fabric bust to hang necklaces.

jewelry organization Jacksonville

Custom Drawer

If you are a jewelry aficionado or have accumulated an extensive collection, we recommend dedicating a drawer to storing your pieces. Try clearing out the top drawer of your dresser and customizing organizational trays to fit your collection needs. Separate earrings, rings, bracelets, and watches into different sections. Utilize long compartments to lay flat fine necklaces, and limit the number of necklaces per compartment to one or two. Keeping your jewelry spread out allows you to easily see what is in each section for quick selection.

Your jewelry is special to you and More Space Place is here to find the custom organization solution you need so your collection can shine. If you’re interested in learning more, contact our experts at More Space Place Jacksonville for a free consultation or visit us in our showroom.