How To Plan For A Custom Closet

Picture this: It’s the holiday season and for the new year you’ve decided to start off strong by redoing your closet space with a custom design service. You’ve struggled with your organizational space in the past and you want to create a closet that best aligns with your needs. Starting entirely from scratch can seem like a daunting task, but with the right mindset and the help of our experts at More Space Place Jacksonville we can get you set up with the custom closet of your dreams in no time. To start planning, check out the following tips. 

Take note of the items you have now:

In order to best organize your new custom closet, it’s important to evaluate what you have and figure out what type of storage method will work best for you. For example, if you have a lot of clothes that need to be hung, you might consider installing upper and lower rods for a dual-hanging system. If you find you have many small items, consider installing cubbies and using clear storage bins for easy access and visibility. By taking inventory of what you have, our team can better accommodate your needs in your new closet. 

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Deciding on an aesthetic:

Here at More Space Place Jacksonville, size, color, material, and embellishments are all customizable features for you to choose from for your custom closet. If you’re someone who likes a sleek modern aesthetic, consider getting white doors with open glass for a neat look. If you’re someone who prefers a traditional look, we have many different styles of wood and finishes to choose from.  

Sit back and relax!

Once you’ve decided what you want your closet to feature and look like, you can rest assured knowing you are in good hands with More Space Place Professionals. We’ll take it from there and work with you to create your dream closet. Have any questions? Check out our testimonials page to read about past projects and hear directly from customers.  

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Closet organization that meets your needs could be a game-changer for your home. By adding the right components to an efficient design, you can dramatically increase your storage potential and make day-to-day life easier Get started today with a free in-home design consultation to measure and plan your space with one of our associates. We proudly serve the greater Jacksonville area. Contact us today!

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