Keep Your Home Tidy With An Organization Routine

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We have all experienced it. We devote several hours to
organizing our home, only for it to fall apart again a few days later. Getting
our home organized is only half the battle, keeping it organized is the real
difficulty for many homeowners. If you fall into this category, an organization
routine will help you. Here is a routine from the experts at More Space Place
Jacksonville that will help you keep your home tidy year round.


Spending a little time every day tidying up will make a huge
difference in maintaining the organization of your home. Disorganization tends
to stem from not picking up after ourselves. Every day you should spend a
little time putting things away, the best way to adopt this habit is by
implementing the 60-second rule. If an item will take you less then 60 seconds
to put away, do it at that moment. This prevents you from procrastinating and
allowing items to accumulate in places they don’t belong.


Once a week, choose one area of your home to reorganize.
This can be anything from removing empty products from the bathroom, re-folding
the linen closet, or straightening out the pantry. Focusing on an area of your
home that needs a little extra attention each week will keep it from spiraling
into a bigger organization task down the line.


Donating items is only an effective organization tool if
they actually make it to a donation center. Once a month, you should empty out
the donation bins from around your home and drop them off. This is also a good
time to walk around and identify if there are more items you can part with
before you go. Diligence in actually removing items from your home will make
the time you spend de-cluttering and organizing each week far more effective.

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