Keeping Your Home Clean and Organized When Having Pets

Pets are furry members of your family. You love them when they are sleeping, playing with their toys, and laying in your lap while watching television. Yet you don’t love how their toys, food, and pet care items get scattered all over the house. From finding ripped pet food bags in the kitchen to pet hair throughout the closet, you want to create a happy balance between owning pets and keeping your home organized and clean. Here are several tips on getting your home neat and tidy for you and your pets.

Hall Closets for Pet Items

Having a hall closet is the perfect place to stash items that your pet will need when going outside for daily walks. From extra toys they like to take outside to pet clothing when it is raining out, you want to have a dedicated spot for their things. A customized cabinet or shelving solution can keep your pet-related items separate from other items that you store in the closet such as cleaning supplies, outdoor clothing, and seasonal belongings. You can store toys in a basket down on the floor while hanging leashes and collars on hooks. Pet clothes can be folded and placed on their own shelves.

Laundry Room Storage for Pets

Some pets love laundry rooms. You may find your dog playing peek-a-boo in the laundry basket or your cat sleeping on top of the warm towels that just came out of the dryer. Unfortunately, all that pet hair will also be sticking to clothes that will eventually end up in closets and spreading around the rest of your things. To keep things neat, tidy, and pet-hair free, consider a custom enclosed cabinet that can house your family’s linens and separate custom cabinet for your pet-related items. A cabinet organization expert such as More Space Place Jacksonville can help you design custom cabinets that will fit perfectly into your laundry room set up.

You can store cleaning products that target pet stains on clothing in the top shelf of the cabinet. Brushes, grooming products, pet nail clippers and other items can be stored on lower shelves. If you have extra bedding, blankets and clothing for your pet, these items can be cleaned separately and stored on shelves. If you are using a standing cabinet with an open design, you can even place a basket or pet bed at the bottom. This way, your dog or cat can go in there for some alone time to snooze, or they can relax while watching you do chores.

Pantry Storage

Pets sometimes will get into food and treats that are left unattended in the kitchen. If you have a pet that is a food raider, consider a pantry to keep shelf-stable products under lock and key. A pantry does not have to be a separate small room or a wall inset in your kitchen. Custom standing pantries with adjustable shelves and pull out drawers can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. You can pour food into enclosed containers, so it stays fresh longer. Then pick the perfect spot in the pantry and close the door so your pet can’t get inside.

Owning a pet is a joy. Keeping your home clean and organized can also be a wonderful feeling when you place in the right storage containers, closets, and cabinets that can hold everything that your pet needs. For custom storage and organization solutions, contact the designers of More Space Place Jacksonville!