Laundry Room Storage Tips

Laundry rooms aren’t always the most stylish space in your home,
but keeping them organized and functional is crucial nonetheless! They tend to
fill up with random detergents, clean clothes, dirty clothes, and a variety of
other items. All of this can quickly turn into a cluttered mess. More Space
Place Jacksonville is here to help make doing the laundry a breeze with custom laundry room storage and organization solutions.

Laundry Baskets

Specific baskets for laundry exist for a very important reason –
they make organization a breeze! Most people have one laundry basket dedicated
to toting off their dirty clothes. However, we think homeowners can utilize
baskets further. We have a variety of finishes from chrome, bronze, and brass
attractive baskets compared to the typical white plastic bin. These are perfect
for sorting through delicates, whites, colors, towels, and different clothing
for different family members. Multiple baskets will help streamline your time
spent sifting through and organizing different items!

Ample Shelving

Some people simply use the top of their washer and dryer as
storage for detergent and other similar products. This can quickly lead to a
sticky mess on top of your appliances, which will require further cleaning and
effort on your end. With custom, adjustable shelving, you can avoid this
problem all together! Cleaning supplies are sorted and organized specifically
for your unique use with shelving and dividers. Everything will still be just
as accessible and easy to reach with the addition of pull out shelving.

Helpful Bonuses

Just like our custom closets, there are numerous
accessories you can add to your laundry room storage solution. We love the idea
of extendable valet rods for times when you need to hang dry more delicate
clothing items. Fold up ironing boards are also another helpful tool paired
with a handy iron stored on your nearby shelf! Our design experts work with you
to craft the most functional laundry room based on your exact needs.

Get Started Today

There’s no need to ignore the laundry room anymore! With custom
storage and organization solutions it will transform into a beautiful example
of function and utility. Contact our experts at More Space Place Jacksonville
for a free, in-home consultation today!

Photo Credit: © Augustine Aranas, © More Space Place