Color Schemes for Modern Custom Closets

modern white custom closet JacksonvilleWhen you decide to embark on a custom closet project, there are various steps throughout the process where you’ll get to flex your creative muscles. One of the most fun parts is deciding what type of design style and theme you’ll use. At More Space Place Jacksonville, we offer a wide variety of design options from traditional to modern. Modern and contemporary designs have been especially popular in homes throughout Jacksonville and St. Johns lately, which is why we’ve devoted today’s post to discuss three different color schemes that allow you to achieve this type of closet style.

When choosing a modern custom closet design, there are many routes you can take. The color scheme you decide on is a personal choice and will likely depend on your home’s current décor, as well as what look you want to create in your closet space. Below are three quite different options that all work to create a contemporary design.

Bright & White

One color that has become increasingly trendy is white. Choosing white finishes for your closet storage design results in a light and airy feel. White also lends itself to elegant spaces and helps create a clean appearance. Homeowners who like a minimalistic style often choose a white finish because of its simplicity and versatility. If you’re looking to brighten up a space that lacks much light, white is a good choice.

Sleek & Dark

On the other end of the spectrum are dark finishes, including deep grays and black. Dark, royal blues can also be nice inclusions in these color schemes. These dark closet finishes lend themselves to bold looks. The sleekness of the dark hues creates a luxurious and often masculine closet design. If opting for a modern black or other dark closet finish, make sure to include plenty of light sources throughout the space.

Warm & Wooden

If you aren’t sold on extreme darks or extreme lights for your Jacksonville home’s custom closet, there’s a nice middle ground option. Medium-toned woods are also able to create modern and contemporary looks. The warm hues of wood lend a calming feel to a space, and they’re great options for homeowners who prefer a more natural look. If you choose wood finishes for your closet project, try to use warmer earth tones, such as coffee, amber, or pinewood.

If you’re looking to create a modern custom closet design, we have a variety of finishes and color options for you to choose from. Our experienced designers can help you decide on the perfect one for your home. Contact More Space Place of Jacksonville and St. Johns today for a free in-home consultation!