Organizing Storage After the Holidays

As if surviving the holiday season isn’t enough of a challenge, there’s a whole different challenge after it is over with. That is, figuring out where everything is going to go. And we’re not just talking about all the gifts you accrued, but your decorations too. Finding space for everything can be a bit of a challenge, but More Space Jacksonville is here to help. We’ve listed out some tips to help keep you organized. Have a look:

Out with the Old

Storage for holiday decorations jacksonville

The first step to getting organized is giving all of your items the refresh that they need. For instance, if you’ve accrued new decorations, then maybe it’s time to do away with some of your older decorations. The same goes for any new items you were gifted. Use it as an opportunity to donate or recycle any older items that they’ll replace. A good refresh every now and then can ensure you move the old out and the new in without over-cluttering your home.

Think Vertically

When it comes to closets, shelving is your best friend. It takes items off the floor, thereby opening up floor space, and maximizes the space potential in your closet. If you’re working on storing items in a closet that doesn’t have any shelving units installed, take the time to put some in. You’ll be surprised at how much more functional your closet can become with them. For those not fans of open storage, consider sleek, custom cabinets to tuck everything away in a stylish and out-of-sight manner.

Stackable Storage Bins

We love stackable storage bins for organizing items by type for several reasons. One, they’re easy to carry and pack. Two, they’re versatile and can tuck away into even the smallest of closets. Three, they’re stackable, so you can build up and save more space in the grand scheme of things. A final great thing about stackable storage bins is that they’re very affordable and you can often find them on sale at just about every store after the holiday season.

Once you have your bins, investing in adjustable shelving is the perfect way to make sure you have the storage space to organize them. We can help with that.

Consider Corner Shelves

Take a look inside your closet. What do the corners of the closet look like? If you’re able to do so, we strongly suggest maximizing the space of these corner areas by installing some corner shelves. Like standard vertical shelving units, these can provide a great resource for organizing and storing certain items. However, the big advantage of corner closet shelves is that they create a usable space inside your closet that is often not even considered when it comes to organization. 

Make Room for Life®

Feeling overwhelmed with the task of getting organized after the holidays? Get in touch with the expert team here at More Space Place Jacksonville to speak with a designer and schedule a free in-home consultation. Whether you need more space in your closet, spare room, garage, or anywhere else, we can build the perfect system for you. Call us today or visit our local Jacksonville showroom!

Photo Credit: © maximkabb