Organizing Your Kitchen With Zones

If you’re someone who has a busy schedule either at home or out at work, it’s important to have an organized kitchen so that you can quickly find everything you need to go about your day. Check out these More Space Place Jacksonville tips on how to optimize your kitchen to best suit your needs by building storage zones. 

Snack Station:

Whether you have a family that is constantly snacking or are big on snacks yourself, it is good to designate an area for snacks so you can quickly find your favorite treats. Consider getting a snack bin to group snacks of similar size and type together. For example in a snack zone, you can have one bin for salty snacks like chips, peanuts, and other savory items. Then you can have a bin for sweet snacks such as candy for movie nights, and other sweet treats. If you use bins of different sizes, you can also regulate the number of snacks you buy. For example, if you make the sweets bin smaller than the savory bin when you’re out shopping it’ll be easier to regulate your sugar consumption. If you have kids who are constantly putting extra items in your cart, you can also use the bins to rationalize only buying a certain amount of snacks. 

corner pantry

Coffee Station:

Now that you have a snack bin, great! What are other places in the kitchen that need organizing? If you are a coffee or tea drinker, making a designated spot for coffee and tea as well as their inclusions, can greatly increase your organization and reduce time spent looking for things in your kitchen. When organizing your space, it’s important to consider what your morning routine looks like and how your organization can best accommodate it. For example, do you like your morning coffee with syrups and flavors? Store these together! After considering what inclusions you want to group together in your coffee station don’t forget your mugs, syrup, and some extra spoons close to your coffee machine or hot water kettle.

sugar tea shelf labeled

Work with the Experts:

And of course, if you feel like your kitchen organization needs a little extra help, choose More Space Place Jacksonville for all your built-in storage needs including a customized pantry system. Our Staff is here to provide you with a FREE no-obligation design consultation, quotation, and 3-D design drawing of your project.

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