Preparing The Perfect Guest Room For The Holidays

Murphy bed St. JohnsAs the holiday season quickly approaches here in St. Johns, FL, you may be starting to think about how you’ll accommodate this year’s guests. If haven’t had time to prepare your guest room to be ready to use, not to worry. There’s still time! Here we’ll take a look at how to create the perfect guest room to help the holiday houseguest season go off without a hitch.

Make Room For Guests

The first thing you’ll need to do is make room for your guests. Whether you already have a designated guest room or you still need to decide where the “guest room” will be, you need to make sure there’s a place where guests can feel comfortable. If you’re like many homeowners, your guest room is currently being used as another storage room. To start, clear out the boxes, bins, and extra items and put them somewhere else. If you’re pressed for space, this might be a good time to go through and get rid of things you don’t need. Once you have the guest room cleared out, you can start fixing it up.

Prepare The Bed

Having a comfortable place for guests to sleep is the most important aspect of a good guest room. If you don’t have an extra bed to use, or if you don’t have an extra room altogether, consider installing a space-saving Murphy bed. They’re as comfortable as regular beds, they’re easy to use, and they are very versatile. Murphy beds allow you to double your home office, kids’ playroom, or other space as a guest room when you need it. The folding mechanism lets you to hide the bed during the day, and then easily put it down when you need it. Many Murphy bed varieties have extra storage cabinets, shelves, and drawers built in, which work great for storing extra items, as well as providing your guests with storage space for their own things.

Add Some Personal Touches

After you’ve cleaned out your guest room and gotten the bed set up, it’s time to add some homey personal touches to the space. Leave some basic items, such as water bottles, towels, and extra blankets on the foot of the bed. It’s also a nice gesture to supply a few basic toiletries, such as an extra toothbrush, in case they forgot anything. Before they arrive, consider picking up some fresh flowers to put in a vase on the nightstand. Grab a few of your favorite books or magazines from your bookshelf and leave them by the bed. These simple but personal touches will go a long way in making your guests feel comfortable during their stay in your St. Johns home.

If you’re in need of some help getting your guest room ready for the holidays and need an easy and space-saving solution, call More Space Place Jacksonville to schedule a free Murphy bed estimate! We carry a wide variety of style options and make everything custom in our own factories. We’ll help you find the perfect Murphy bed for your St. Johns home, so your guests will feel right at home this holiday season.