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Unlike the bi-fold doors on the Murphy bed, panel doors pull down with the bed as one complete “panel.” Panel beds are great options when space is a premium since doors are never in the way. The counter-balanced mechanism operates effortlessly and is entirely enclosed in an attractive aluminum case.

Increase Your Space With a Panel Bed

Just like the standard Murphy bed, panel beds are wonderful space savers. The simple yet secure setup allows for more floor space during the day when you don’t need the bed to be down. Whether you want your home office to double as a guest room or you want to give your child more space to play in their bedroom, panel beds are great options. They’re also very easy to use, and they look great when they’re stored away. The many styles available from More Space Place allow Jacksonville homeowners to find a panel bed that blends seamlessly into their home’s decor.

Panel Bed Versatility

Panel beds are great alternatives to the standard Murphy bed style if you are working with limited vertical space. Some are made in a horizontal design and fold down length-wise rather than pulling down vertically from the foot of the bed. Just like regular Murphy beds, they can be operated with ease. If your home is spatially limited, opting for a twin-sized panel bed could be a great way to add a functional sleeping unit while still maintaining valuable floor space. This smaller option takes up less vertical wall space and looks just like a piece of furniture when it’s folded away.

Schedule a Free Consultation

At More Space Place Jacksonville, we offer free in-home estimates and design consultations. We can help you find the perfect panel bed to suit your home and your lifestyle. We have some options on display in our showroom where you can see what they look like in real life. Contact our local experts today to get started!


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