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Custom Pantry Storage.

Here at More Space Place serving the Jacksonville and St. Johns areas, we offer a variety of space-saving furniture and storage solutions. In addition to our other products, we create customized storage and organizational systems for kitchen pantries. Having a well-organized pantry helps your kitchen feel cleaner and more accessible, as well as contributes to the kitchen being an enjoyable space to be in your home.

Pantry Storage Options

When it comes to designing your customized pantry system, you’ll have many options for storage. Some popular features we install are:

  • Pullout shelving: Never lose items to the back of your pantry ever again! Shelves that are fully extendable will eliminate the problem of not being able to see everything you have. Not only will this reduce food waste, but it will save you from buying duplicates of what you already have.
  • Baskets: Available in chrome, brass, and oil-rubbed bronze, baskets work great for storing items of various sizes within your pantry. Pull out the baskets from fitted shelves for quick access or place them up on top to store those less frequently used kitchen tools.
  • Wine and spice racks: Take your pantry from basic to extraordinary. Built-in storage for these items, made specifically for your kitchen needs, will make sure there’s a home for everything. Spice racks will make cooking a breeze by cutting down the time you spend looking for the right jar. Then when it comes time to eat, you can ensure the wine will be good since it has been stored properly.

Style Options

Our goal here at More Space Place is to bring the perfect storage solution to your Jacksonville or St. Johns home. We work with you to create custom designs based around your available space, your lifestyle, and your desired aesthetic. In addition to a highly functioning system, your custom pantry storage will also look great. We offer a wide variety of both cabinet and shelving options, as well as various styles and finishes for those cabinets. Your pantry system will be able to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen thanks to our wide selection of design styles.

If you’re ready to take your kitchen to the next level with customized storage and organization, contact More Space Place Jacksonville today to schedule a free in-home consultation!

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