Reorganize Your Space With A Murphy Bed

murphy beds st. johnsMaking sure everything in your St. Johns home has a designated place while also ensuring enough living space for you and your family, not to mention occasional guests, can present many challenges. A Murphy bed from More Space Place Jacksonville can be both a great way to save space, as well as a solution that takes advantage of the area you have available. Read on to learn ways to reorganize the space in your home by utilizing the addition of a Murphy bed.

A Two-In-One Solution

One of the great things about a Murphy bed is it offers a two-in-one furniture solution. Not only does it provide a comfortable bed for sleeping, but it also provides built-in storage shelving and cabinetry. Think of a room or an area in your home that doesn’t feel like it’s living up to its full potential. Perhaps your crafting supplies are taking up twice the space they should, or maybe your home office isn’t as productive as it could be. The addition of a Murphy bed in one of those rooms could transform the space and double it as a guest room. Storing your craft supplies in the cabinetry or opting for a Murphy bed with a built-in desk would provide practical and easy storage in addition to the bed.

More Floor Space

Reorganizing your space with the incorporation of a Murphy bed not only adds utility to your room, but it also takes something away. It takes away the obstacle of an immovable bed, thus creating more floor space to use for other things. Doubling your child’s bedroom as a playroom by using a folding Murphy bed will free up more floor space for them to play that before was blocked by a bed. You can design your own custom bed to fit their space, complete with built-in toy storage or cabinetry for their clothes. The additional storage space can help you reorganize your child’s things in a way that makes it easier for them to access everything and put it away.

If you think your St. Johns home could benefit from the addition of a Murphy bed, call More Space Place Jacksonville today! We carry a variety of styles and finishes, as well as additional customizable storage components you can add to further heighten the efficiency of your bed. Contact us today to get started with a free design consultation.