Snowbird Organization Tips When Coming Home to Roost

At certain times of the year, people will pack up their things and head to warmer places. Called snowbirds, they are usually retirees who “flock” to summer homes or drive in RVs to warmer southern locations in the winter to get away from colder northern climates. They may spend up to six months at the location or will travel across the country enjoying various activities and sites. Then when the weather changes back to spring and summer, the snowbirds will migrate back home.

If you are a snowbird who has a vacation home in Jacksonville, you may find yourself shuttling more and more things during your RV trips to the house or from your permanent home. With each trip back and forth, you start to accumulate more items. Here are some organization tips to use to create more space and to keep the rooms tidy.

overflowing suitcase organization


Decluttering not only helps to keep the room neat, but it also allows you to locate items that may have been misplaced during your trip. In addition, it may also allow you to discover that you have several of the same items, or similar items, as you can retire or donate the extras that you no longer want. With the abundance of souvenirs that you cannot find it in your heart to just toss in the trash, consider gifting them to family members and friends while sharing stories of your many snowbird adventures.

Upgrade Storage More Suitable for the Extra Items

With the whole house cleaned and decluttered, you can now start placing items away. Take a moment to think about how you want to display your souvenirs and other items. If you planned to just shove it up on a shelf that is already full, it may be more ideal to upgrade your bookshelves, wall units, entertainment centers, and closets to offer more shelves, cabinets, and nooks to place your items.

By upgrading to larger storage options, you will not have to crowd items to get everything to fit that could be too heavy for the shelf to support or too cluttered where items may fall off. A home organization manufacturer, such as More Space Place Jacksonville, can provide the right storage solutions that are custom built to fit into the space that is available in the room.

Redesign Closet Storage

Trying to store clothing items can be a pain when coming back home after a vacation or RV trip. It can be difficult to squeeze extra clothing onto hanging rods or tough to get them onto already stuffed shelves. In cases such as this where you cannot expand the closet to make it bigger, consider redesigning it in a new way that will allow you to fully use any extra wasted space. You may find using clothing hooks placed on doors and walls helps to provide more room on longer closet clothing rods or in shelves. You may also find that adjustable shelves will be more suitable than stationary ones.

Photo credit: © Sasha_Suzi