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CL082 Closet, 300dpiFUNctional! “Make Room For Life!” Make Room For Life Tagline

Ever notice how the subject of functionality quickly becomes over technical and – to put it bluntly – boring? Odd when you consider the very word starts with fun. So at More Space Place, we’re putting the fun back in function.

How does this relate to you? Simple. More Space Place in Jacksonville maximizes your home’s space and functionality in ways you always dreamed of but thought impossible. Our fully customizable design process helps you create beautiful, multi-functional, space-saving solutions without an invasive remodel. In short, it’s like we’ve helped you violate the laws of physics: you’ve created new space where none existed before.

It might seem like we doubled your square footage, but it’s not magic. It’s what we call modular customization. Shelving and cabinetry specifically tailored for your home and lifestyle, right down to the subtle details and final touches.

From custom-installed Murphy beds – we are America’s #1 Murphy bed retailer – to life-changing closet remodels, to home office makeovers and just about everything in between. More Space Place is all about you.

So go ahead, unleash your home’s hidden potential – and have fun doing it! Get started by scheduling your complimentary in-home design estimate or come visit us in our Beach Boulevard showroom.

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