The Murphy Bed Is A Consistent Competitor In Home Solutions

A Brief History On The Murphy Bed

A Murphy Bed is a bed that folds into a space or a wall. They are also called Wall Beds. The Murphy Bed has been around since the early 1900s when William Murphy invented it, according to Mental It was frowned upon to have a woman in your bedroom in those days. He needed a quick way to store his bed to accept female company. Murphy had a shortage of space, so he came up with his namesake invention.

Murphy Beds fold away into a wall compartment or cabinetry. They have evolved since their conception and launch over one hundred years ago. Today, Murphy Beds include horizontal, folding and vertical mounting positions. The Murphy bed has great versatility. Keep in mind that the mattresses are standard-sized. That is, you can have a “regular” mattress with your Murphy Bed. You do not need a mattress that is that has folding ability. As a result, you and/or your guests can have a very comfortable mattress with the Murphy Bed.

Are Murphy Beds Making A Comeback?

The short answer is “no”. Murphy Beds have never gone anywhere. They are a consistent mainstay as a bedding solution. However, since 2020 and the worldwide pandemic, more people have been looking for creative solutions. The pandemic has forced hundreds of thousands of people to work from home. Having a comfortable home office has been tricky for some. The Murphy Bed is easily convertible and creates space for home offices easily. For example, a guest bedroom can be transformed to a great office space with the addition of a Murphy Bed. That’s just one example of how Murphy Beds can be used to solve a space quandary.

Who doesn’t need more space? People are realizing that their home life should be augmented as much as possible. Spending more time at home makes you look at your surroundings with a keener eye. Murphy Beds are a win-win solution for many problems. You never know when you will need an extra bed.

If you’re having a storage solution problem, Murphy Beds can be constructed to solve your unique needs. Having a wall bed surrounded by custom cabinetry solves a multitude of issues. There are Murphy Beds that have sofas built in as well. Televisions can be mounted within the structure as well.

Is The Murphy Bed The Answer You’ve Been Looking For?

The only way to determine if a Murphy Bed is a good idea for your needs is to discuss it with a professional. The professionals at More Space Place Jacksonville are well-versed in the installation of Murphy Beds. They also consult with you regarding its viability for your situation. They are a leader in this innovative space-saving solution. Reach out. In a matter of minutes they’ll let you know whether this tried-and-true idea is ideal for you.