What You Need in a Custom Closet

This is the year you’ve decided to invest in a custom closet makeover! You’ve gone through your clothing and pared down to the essentials. You counted your shoes and jackets. You can hardly wait to get started.

There’s just one thing, you need the expert team to build it for you! Luckily for you, More Space Place Jacksonville specializes in custom closet systems that will give you all the elegance and efficiency that you’ve been dreaming of. Figuring out how to design your space may feel overwhelming, so here are just a few of the features you’ll need to make your custom closet come to life.

Decide on How You Want to Access Main Wardrobe Essentials

If you’re someone who forgets about clothing items the minute they disappear into a drawer, you might want a closet where stacks of sweaters and shirts are visible in open shelving. If you’re not great at folding items neatly, you might prefer wardrobes with rows of drawers inside.

Do you have a lot of seasonal garments and a high ceiling? Double rows of hanging rods allow you to take advantage of the extra space while having a dedicated space for seldom-used items.

Don’t Overlook Accessories

Belts and ties can really clutter up a closet unless you’ve incorporated the right storage method. Small hooks or shallow drawers are perfect for delicate items that should be organized together.

Another great use for shallow drawers is jewelry and fine accessories like watches and sunglasses. You can opt for special cushioned drawer inserts to store your valuables. These drawers make it easy to see everything laid out but reduce the risk of you damaging or losing something precious in a catch-all system like dresser trays or bathroom counters.

If accessories like shoes or purses are more your style, make sure to dedicate enough space to display them. Open cabinets or ones with see-through glass doors are a great way to display collections. 

Focus on Functionality

Are you someone who likes to press their collar right before putting on a shirt? Consider installing an ironing board that folds up into your custom closet. Do you like to do your hair and makeup while you dress? Your closet should include task lighting, electrical outlets, and a magnifying mirror. 

Websites and home improvement magazines are great for providing inspiration. But when it comes time to design your own custom closet, you want to choose features that will make it easier for you to get ready in the morning, and you want to organize the space so that it plays into your own personal style and habits.

Ready to get started? More Space Place Jacksonville offers a complimentary design service to help you put together the custom closet of your dreams. Contact us or visit our Jacksonville showroom today to see the features and finishes we offer.