Where Is Everyone Going To Sleep During the Holidays?

The weather is getting colder outside, and this is a sign that the holidays are right around the corner. You might be hosting all of your family members and friends this year. Some people might even be spending the night. If people are spending the night at your home, where are they going to sleep? Do you have a plan for this? Take a look at a few key tips below from More Space Place Jacksonville

Open Up Another Guest Room

You may want to think about opening up another guest room. You might have a guest room in your home already, but you might need another one. If you have a bunch of children at home, you may want to consider moving the youngest child to a sleeping bag or a spare mattress somewhere on the floor of a different room. That way, you can open up an extra bed for your guests. Your child might like the idea of having a sleepover with someone else.

Put the Bonus Room To Use

Do you have a media room at home? Do you have a bonus room where people like to hang out and play? Your bonus room might not count as a bedroom because it does not have a closet. On the other hand, it can still host your guests. Think about putting a futon or reclining couch in the bonus room. Even better, a custom Murphy bed from More Space Place can be designed to maximize your living space and add another bed to any room. This can create another guest room for your guests. 

The Couches Might Recline

You might even be able to use the couches in your living room to create extra sleeping space. The couches in your living room might recline, which could create an extra spot for someone to sleep at night. You might even have couches that pull out into a bed. You should think carefully about who you put in the living room. Remember that they might be exposed to noise in the kitchen in the morning. If someone gets up early, consider putting them in the living room. 

Chesterfield Murphy bed More Space Place

Call More Space Place for Help This Holiday Season

It can be difficult for you to host everyone during the holidays, and there are only so many places people can sleep. Fortunately, there are experts who can help you create more space in your home. At More Space Place, we specialize in helping you get the most out of your square footage. If you would like to create more room for your guests this holiday season, it would be our pleasure to assist you. Contact us today!  We proudly serve the greater Jacksonville and St. Johns areas and offer free in-home consultations!